Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Classic Movie - Casablanca

When I hear the word Casablanca, I think romance. But there isn't much romance in this movie. It's about World War II with a little romance thrown in.
It takes place in Morocco, which is being held by the French Army. Rick is an embittered expatriate who owns a cafe in Morocco with his friend Sam, played by Dooley Wilson. He tries not to take sides in the war but is unwillingly drawn into it. When the Nazi's head into Africa, citizens are trying to leave Morocco by way of Casablanca. The only way they can do this is to have a “letter of transit” from the corrupt police chief played by Claude Rains. There are few letters he gives out. But Rick buys a whole stack of them from another corrupt person.
Rick's ex-love Ilsa shows up at his place asking him for help to get her and her husband out of Morocco. Now, her husband is a person the Nazi's would love to capture because he is a resistance leader. Rick agrees to help, for love's sake.
When Rick and Ilsa first see each other, and their eyes lock, you can feel the love they once had.
No one in the movie ever says, “Play it again Sam”. But when Ilsa asks him to “play it”, Sam knows what song she means, “As Time Goes By”. That was her and Rick's love song. This movie stands the test of time. It really grabs your attention throughout the whole movie. I really like this movie.

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  1. I watched Casablanca on DVD and it is one of the most classical romantic film I've ever seen!